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Our oat bar is our favorite for everyday use! It reminds us how impactful the simplest moments of our days can be. We paired lavender to soothe the skin and crushed oat to gently scrub away dirt. When lathered, our oat produces beautiful bubbles to enhance your cleansing experience.

Vegan and Palm-Free

Essential Oils (steam distilled)

Lavender, lemon, ylang-ylang, and black pepper.

Clays and Exfoliants

Kaolin clay, steel-cut oats, and titanium dioxide.

Saponified Oils

Coconut, shea butter, olive, rice bran, sweet almond, and castor. 

Our soap is made and shaved by hand, so each bar may have slight imperfections and inconsistencies. Each bar is safe for your hands and body. For best use and longevity, use a soap dish with water drainage. Lather and enjoy!

2.8 oz | 79g

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